Annie Wong

Little Red Riding Hood Financial Planner 小红帽理财规划师


CFC’s Chief Trainer
Sun Tzu Finance Class
Sun Tzu Accounting (Beginner)
Sun Tzu Accounting & Tax (Advanced)
One-to-One Consultation
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP CERT TM Professional)
  • Certified Professional Trainer, (IPMA), UK
  • Certified Financial Coach, (IPMA), UK
  • Accredited Colour Accounting Facilitator (Wealthvox)
  • B.Sc (Summa cum laude)
  • Certified NLP Sales Professional (NFNLP)
  • CMSRL, Securities Commission
  • More  than 10 years experience in the field of training and SME business consulting
  • Author of 《10年后比你的同学更有钱》

Dr Maximus Pheng

Financial Literacy Chief Trainer


Children Financial Literary
Children Entrepreneur Training
  • More than 28 years experience in financial services industry
  • Islamic Financial Planner, Islamic Banking & Finance Institute of Malaysia
  • Certified Financial Coach, Mind Treasures USA
  • Certified Estate Planner, Malaysia Institute of Estate Planner
  • Grad ICSA at The Chartered Governance Institute UK


X-Cupid Spiritual Coach


  • 焦点解决模式认证教练(Certified Solution Focused Coach)
  • 香港催眠及身心灵整合中心 一念之转引导师课程结业
  • 水瓶时代X教练团心灵合伙人(奇迹pd)
  • 生命教育桌游与心灵牌卡教练
  • “ 坚信只要认识自己的本质,找回内在的力量,必能活出生命的意义 ”

Master Hueat

King of Sales



The industry names him the King of sales!

He has experience as a life planner for over 10 years, being a leader in 4 direct-selling companies. The performance he brought to the company is amazing!

He was known as the “legend” in the direct selling industry because he broke the company’s 40-year record in just three months.

With the challenging attitude once more! He created a new record. One year into the real estate industry, he built from personal winning into team winning. Awarded: 2020 Malaysia’s Top 100 Outstanding Real Estate Team Leaders.

Boss Heng

Real Estate Auction Trainer


Real Estate Auction Training

Graduated from the University of Science Malaysia (USM). Instead of stepping into a related industry, he started with the toughest career as a sales representative for a direct-selling company.

In the past 20 years, he has successfully groomed over 99 strong independent leaders in the industry. The company invited him as a committee member to participate in decision-making.

With the trend of real estate investment, he decided to learn and trade in auction houses. In just two short years, he and his team have flipped over 100 auction units. He also awarded as one of 2020 Malaysia’s Top 100 Outstanding Real Estate Team Leaders.