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We explore the biggest trends that are set to emerge in the education technology (EDUtech) space in the near future

We explore the biggest trends that are set to emerge in the education technology (EDUtech) space in the near future

EDUtech is an area of disruptive innovation that has seen a great deal of growth, as education providers of all kinds look to reshape the learning experience.

Like most sectors, education found themselves in need of digital solutions to facilitate remote working, and looks set to continue deploying capabilities for the benefit of teachers and learners alike.

In 2023 and the years ahead, the EDUtech market will continue to grow.

During the pandemic, millions of workers re-evaluated their careers.

Uncertain times prompted many to quit their current jobs and find employment in a new field.

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Stable Lai


Mentoring CEO

Founder of AMS Consulting Company. She is an entrepreneurship driven lady who involves business in food & beverage, education, crypto mining farm, beauty products, health food/supplements manufacturing facilities and supply internationally. With a very sensitive sense of the market, she has assisted more than 10 Asian owned companies to build an outstanding brands names and 6 American companies to open up the Asian and Middle Eastern markets and created over hundred of million annual turnover.

Annie Wong


Little Red Riding Hood Financial Planner

  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP CERT TM Professional)
  • Certified Professional Trainer, (IPMA), UK
  • Certified Financial Coach, (IPMA), UK
  • Accredited Colour Accounting Facilitator (Wealthvox)
  • B.Sc (Summa cum laude)
  • Certified NLP Sales Professional (NFNLP)
  • CMSRL, Securities Commission
  • More  than 10 years experience in the field of training and SME business consulting
  • Author of 《10年后比你的同学更有钱》

Maximus Pheng


Financial Literacy Chief Trainer

  • More than 28 years experience in financial services industry
  • Islamic Financial Planner, Islamic Banking & Finance Institute of Malaysia
  • Certified Financial Coach, Mind Treasures USA
  • Certified Estate Planner, Malaysia Institute of Estate Planner
  • Grad ICSA at The Chartered Governance Institute UK
  • Inspiring Humanitarian Award Yeas 2022 by World Humanitarian Drive (WHD)
  • Asia's Best Institute for Financial Education Year 2021 by ASIA AWARDS
  • Successful People in Malaysia Year 2021 (3rd Edition) Encyclopedia by Britishpedia, BPH UK.
  • SME Award YEar 2020/21 by MyMalaysia Award